Date or No Date…( a small play for two people)

After the initial temptation and three weeks of e-mailing, he finally managed to  ask me for a drink.

In that  straight-forward to the point convincing English kind of way: So… maybe, perhaps, I mean if you’re up for it, I obviously don’t know your situation is but just in case if you’re not busy…

We decided to meet up for a drink on Friday. He was late and had taken my number down wrong ( slightly worrying for a man working with numbers) so failed to inform me… This being my first first date, I was nervous and gulping down wine when a friend walked in.  Crap, busted. She greeted me with loud: HI! and came over for a chat. My face must have looked a picture…

Still we managed to get through the initial awkward stage and ended the night quite pleasantly with a request whether he could take me out again.


Says he: Let’s do Saturday.

Says I: I need to perform but hey let me work the logistics.

Says he: That’s unromantic: logistics.

Says I:  Bit rich from a man wanting to meet near the station so he could get home, but I’m sure we can meet in the evening?

Says he: Oh sorry I forgot I have birthday drinks planned – can you do Sunday?

Says I: Sunday I am flying home to have my other eye fixed, what about Friday?

Says he: Ah. The football is on, World cup is a difficult time to date. When are you back?

Says I: Ah. Don’t think this is going to work… meeting once every fortnight…

Says he: I am sorry but I am busy.

Let’s look at the facts here ladies and gentlemen:

I am busy because I am performing during a modern feminism event and  then flying home to have an eye lasered.

He is busy because he needs to drink beer and watch tv.

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