Leap of Faith

Me and my big mouth…

After two years in my job, finally a position had become available.

A position I had already some experience in, something I could do!

As I walked into the meeting room to advise the powers-that-be that I was interested in the job, I got told:

You are perfect, but it seems you want it out of desperation to get out of your old job. We need to see you really want it. ( My question to you: What is desperation if not ‘really wanting something’, still that aside…) We give you 24 hours and then tell us you want it.

I spoke to friends and family. Conversations weighed up the positives and the negatives, we had the ‘follow your heart’ to the ‘what else are you going to do?’ to the ‘ That’s insane, there are no jobs out there.’ Someone advised me to impress the powers-that-be with a list of all the things I could  get out of the job and present it to them. They would be wowed.

So I did. My mental list of Reasons I Would Be Great for the Job ranged from all sorts learning curves, gaining skills, adding to my CV, contributing to the company etc. It was massive.

Then I did the Reasons I Would Be Not So Great for the Job had one line: I don’t want it… and I don’t want the job that I already have either.

Head or Heart. Desperation is never a good look when it comes to those ” I think we need to talk…” conversations.

So. I jumped.

PS: I will still do the (4×5)+1, so this is not an elaborate plot to get out of that, you cynics!

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