Feminine feminist

With only a couple of hours to go before I’m going to pledge my support to the modern feminist cause, would I consider myself a feminist? Yes I think I do.

It all started way back, and with way back I mean the early nineties, when I was playing with some boys of my year on the school playgrounds. It was primary school so don’t worry it was all very innocent. I had joined them because we were playing The A-team, despite it being 4 years after the last episode, the series was still very popular. ( Plus it’s a small town, I think they might just be finishing Friends right now…) Despite my pleading I could not be BA, no I had to be ‘ The Girl’.  As you can see, even though The Girl had a name: no one knew it, she was defined merely by her gender.

A little wrong but funny by Digital StillCamera

When everyone jumped out of the van ( the climbing frame) to shoot the bad guys, I was told to keep in the car just in case they needed a quick get away. So there I was. Alone on the climbing frame, whilst all the guys  around me were having fun and shooting imaginary people. At tender age of six, I decided that being The Girl is crap!

Don’t get me wrong: being a girl is great, being the girl less so. I like being a girl, especially in these days when I have the option to start a career ( although there might be a teeny tiny spanner in the works at the moment), start a family ( but I would probably need a man for that and I don’t seem to have one lying around) and I don’t have to have my feet bound in a traditional Chinese torture way. ( I’m sure my size 3 shoes are like a remnant of a survival of the fittest…)

Being a woman is great, we are funny, gorgeous and smart. We are caring, loving and born survivors. We have strength and beauty. Instead of fighting and judging each other, we should celebrate our differences. Diversity is our power. The world still is in most places male led, so we have to stick together to create a world in which we can contribute and in which we feel safe. If we are represented in different fields, we can take a more universal holistic approach to changing things for the better.

Men and women are not equal yet but we have come so far: let’s not stop trying.

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