So wrong…

For some light relief, slight boredom, following through on the recent kamikaze tendencies and out of fear I might be losing you my darlin’ readers with too much semi-philosophical nonsense lately:

My List of Wrong Crushes

Let me start with a disclaimer: Hereby the writer refuses any responsibility for any health issues that might arise from reading this list (choking, heart failure, death by shock) as she is well aware that her level of wrong might supercede the average. See previous post about her taste in music.

1. Freddie Mercury. I know, he swings the other way. May I add that he’s been dead for nearly 20 years too; so really him being gay would be the last, if not least, of my problems.  

2. Edgar Davids. Dutch footballer currently being prof punter on the BBC when the Orange Team plays. He had to wear protective glasses when he last played a major tournament.  Very strangely this seems to only add to his appeal.

3.Bruce Springsteen. I don’t get it myself. Can’t believe I am sharing this.

4. Gerard Butler. Wrong because after his turn as a pretty cool King Leonidas, he sold his soul  to chick-flicks and B-choice action movies. ( Listen Gerry, is this a money thing? Do we need to talk?)More wrong because my friend Laura already intends to marry him. ( What can I say, she is Welsh. I wouldn’t take my chances in a bare knuckle fight…)

5. Desmond Tutu. As in the Archbishop. That is right. Considering the current Pope, DT might be the only hope mankind has. Strangely attractive because he is a man of God and seems to have a sense of humour.  It’s an interesting combination. Like the attraction of a good-looking man with a wedding ring, you wouldn’t go there but you can still smile.

 6. Rudolf Nureyev. Very cranberry possibly gay, most definitely dead. Still a good-looking man.

7. Joshua Jackson. He was Pacey ( what kind of name was that?!) in Dawson’s Creek. Mrs Cruise or not, I think Katie got it wrong.

 If you haven’t passed out and are still reading this, I would also like to state that I do have Right Crushes but they are not as entertaining to share!

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