Tonight small town, tomorrow…

My sister has just come back from Belgium where she’s been digging holes for a month and now she has ‘forgotten’ to bring back chocolate.  I might have to hide my disappointment behind  my theme of today: sunglasses.

The combination of sunny weather and freshly lasered eye make me sunglasses-bound for the next week. Sunglasses should be acceptable and easy to navigate in daily life. I mean unlike braces and wheelchairs they don’t stop you from eating certain foods or trouble you when you need the toilet.

Now the sun is out, sunglasses should definitely be completely acceptable. However. I am kind of trapped in small town this week. Last month when I had my other eye done, it was raining and I tell you:  my small town doesn’t take kindly to what is deemed unnecessary behaviour.  Move to London ok, but don’t come back having to wear sunglasses when it’s bloody overcast! Rather than cool, I felt embarrassed.  As I am planning to go to a local pub tonight and see the Cameroon- Holland game I will probably face the same problem when I am unable to take off the glasses inside.

This is something I should clearly get over if I am to pursue my quest for world-domination. (Had I mentioned my quest for world-domination? I have decided that this might be the next obvious step forward in my life, being 25 and all.)  Let’s face it: world domination just screams sunglasses! ( and whispers Adolf but I was personally hoping to steer it more towards Madonna or Oprah.)

Sunglasses should be cool and sophisticated, so  in an effort  to combat my embarrassment I have decided to embrace the glasses and new life-philosophy. Yes tonight Matthew I am going to be:

…and when I say Stevie I mean Audrey, tonight I will be channeling:

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