Returned to London home to find my laptop cannot connect to the internet anymore.

Not a happy bunny.

I’m no computer expert but even I can see my whole screen is f*cked and Access is Continuously denied to the services that should enable me to connect to the outside world.

About to leave my job, nowhere to go just yet and this is a fact:

I need internet access.

I need to be able to send my stuff off, I need to update my blog! Argh so many needs!

The dying notebook being my 3rd laptop that I have gone through in 5 years.

If I cannot get this fixed and I refuse to pay a repair fee that could buy me a new laptop, I am actually considering to sell a kidney ( or donate an egg)  and turn to the dark side…

Perhaps it is time to confess: I am secretly Un PC.

Decisions Decisions

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