This is not just environment friendly…

..this is  [insert upmarket foodstore] environment friendly:

On my way home I popped into said foodstore to pick up something quick and easy for dinner.

Ah fresh pizza on offer, excellent.

No queue at the till. Brill.

Till lady goes: ” Would you like a small bag?”

I rummage through my bag looking for my purse and on routine pay by card, so I reply absent-mindedly: ” Yes please”

When I look up again I see a lady cramming two pizzas into a tiny bag. So tiny you would almost think it is too small.

In fact upon closer look, it is actually too small. Only one and a half pizza fit in the now very stretched green-yellow bag.

Plan A ey, Upmarket Foodstore?

I wonder if the till lady considered Plan B as I cannot actually get the bag handles together to carry the pizzas in a bag.

I could just lift them up like carrying boxes but surely that would defy the point. So I try: “Could I perhaps have a bigger bag?”

The lady looks at me and mumbles shocked: ” But we charge for a bigger bag!”

Ok… looking at the pathetic looking pizzas wearing the bags like sumo wrestlers in body-con, I decide to take my chance: “How much?”

Lady: “5p”

I give her a reassuring nod – it’s ok I understand: The environment has its price.

Like any good citizen, thinking of my great grandchildren who I’ve borrowed the planet from, it’s price I am willing to pay.

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