Lady Luck

So full of good intentions I got on the Jubilee-line. It was going to be a good evening: go home, get changed, run, go home, write.

If only life could be so simple.

The Jubilee-line wasn’t going anywhere today – definitely not East. So I changed at Bond Street station to take the Central line to Bank and take the DLR home. I was not to let this ruin my plans. The carriage that I boarded even had advert of the (4×5)+1K on it and as all Avenue Q fans know: It’s A Sign!

With a big grin I exited at Bank, only to have the grin faded again as there was a massive queue at the DLR. Three minutes later they closed the DLR due to over-crowding. ” But how will we get to Canary Wharf with the Jubilee line closed?” cried a grown man in suit. And with cried I mean literally. Ok maybe not literally but it was definitely a loud whine.  I don’t have time for whining men in suits or for whining men full stop, so I tried to get out of the station. Ah escalator broken – it was a long walk up.

Outside I tried to orientate myself – this is hard as I have no navigational skills what so ever.  You can spin me around three times and I have no idea where I am. ( I wish that was a joke.) Because of the aforementioned handicap I could not just walk home, thus killing two birds with one stone. Had I done that I would still be walking now, somewhere random, most likely not even close to my home.

Long story short, a bus and a delayed Jubilee line later I walked in at 8pm. I had taken me two hours to get back.  Pfff… any excuse in the world not to go for a run. Right?


When I finally managed to come home, I opened the mailbox and found my long-awaited 3 month contract.  Hoorah for being able to pay the rent! Hoorah for not starving! Hoorah for being given time to think about my life!  Suddenly I felt incredibly lucky.

Then again, luck is simply preparation meeting opportunity; so I decided to go for a run anyway.

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