Post-match Analysis

Firstly, Hoorah We Won!! Having had many stressful moments on my own on the sofa, me thinks that Sundays Final needs to be watched with someone or somewhere else.

Secondly, where on earth is Uruguay? For anyone else who’d like to know I gave it a google:

Incidentally this is taken from a Foot and Mouth Disease website….

Thirdly, I was asked who my man of the match would be – not necessarily on skills mind. Problem is that the Big Three don’t float my boat.

Many would say Wesley Sneijder. Unfortunately I am really biased against him, he is about to marry a girl so exposed in the Dutch media, she would make Jordan/Katie P look like a hermit. That’s unfair, I know. I’m sure she is a nice girl and she is just making money and I am just a jealous bitch – but I find it really hard to look at him and not think of her. That is wrong.

So next up: Arjen Robben. He’s 26 and looks like 40. Again unfair and unfortunate, because he is a good player, who also seems to take classes in amateur dramatics.

Robin Van Persie. Also 26 looks about 12. Seems to moan a lot about not getting to score but then stands in the way of people give it a go. Doesn’t work for me either.


Rafael Van Der Vaart – might have done though he did just hop scotch and stumble throughout the first minutes of the second half, and then I saw his picture on the Fifa website. Computer says No:

So who? If anyone? Surely I did not just watch the match for sake of the beautiful game?  If I did, there was only one moment to really celebrate and this is my man:

Giovanni van Bronckhorst – 35 and captain of this team. Took a chance and opened the game ( alright for all of 5 minutes but it was a nice goal.)

Come on G – lead them to glory. Bring on Sunday.

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