The 11th Floor

The building was huge, I was early – of course. I had a visitors pass made and I had to wait to be picked up.  Sky news was on and it felt a bit like sitting in a hotel lobby. (One of the other people there said doctors post, so I guess she wouldn’t be going NHS…)

There are six lifts and I was placed on the 11th floor. All the way in the back. The quick tour of the floors was a little overwhelming. There were so many people in the building and I found it hard to imagine I would ever get to know anyone beyond my own team. ( Luckily we are only four) I got introduced to person number 18 and give him the same kind of hello nice to meet you smile, when I was told he was the CEO. At which point I let out a very unfortunate: Oh! Immediately thinking Crap I should have known that. I did know him by name, but now I can recognise a face with it as well.

The whole day I spend trying to understand what was happening and where we were at in the process. Head spinning a little, I was glad to at least have one familiar face right next to me.  It felt like going to secondary school when all the other neighbourhood kids have already gone.

Half way through the day, she asked me: No regrets? The massive grin on my face must have said it all: Nope, none at all!

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