The ten minute threshold and a wet phone

If you are intending on running long distance you should prepare yourself with interval training. Apparently.

The problem is I am suffering from the ten-minute threshold: up until ten minutes in I find running really really boring.  Then I get into it and even hit the runners high after 15 and then it is time to walk again… Then the ten-minute threshold again. It’s like a mini-groundhog day.

Then… I managed to spill my water bottle over my phone by throwing it in the bag with the top open. That was dumb. The phone is pretty old and pretty crappy but I am attached to it. It has a lot of memories, a couple of pics of Prague ( first mini-break),Denmark (and the memory of tragedy which made me fly back early), Little niece ( distraction after break-up), New York, Take That ( without Robbie) etc.

It was my first contract phone as well. I bought it whilst shopping with my flatmate. I remember she tried to explain why I had no English Home Address where I had stayed for over 5 years. Being an international student with itchy feet you move – a lot.( In total I have moved 9 times over 8 years: it is a nightmare for any background check.) Whilst she was explaining the sales guy got a funny look on his face and his professional colleagues were giggling from behind a window. All of a sudden, I realised that they were looking at us like we were the Very First Lesbian Couple they had every seen. Great… Still bought the phone though.

I have tried to blow dry my phone ( on cold, not to fry it), turned it off and on ( again, again and again). Alas.

Shall I panic – nope I am too tired. Let’s wait until the morning and see what it does…

To Be Continued.

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