Man, I know it is hard to get something written to deadline but this one is pushing the boundaries into wrong. Spot the journo with a fetish… ( Alison darling, there was a line and I think you crossed it. On many levels.)

Firstly Lindsay Lohan going to jail is tragic. Yes ok, so she’d been stupid but no one seems to be watching her back. Hello mother Lohan? Why all of a sudden media shy? Not so proud now?  Tough – the only one publicly sticking up for her has been Sam Ronson… now what does that say about your family? Even when Britney had a melt-down, her Dad stepped up to take care of her ( pretty publicly) and Mom… wrote a book.  Interesting.

Anyway, so rich and famous doesn’t always equal happiness and sometimes silly things happen. It get publicised, it makes us civvies laugh and it make s us feel better with our mundane 9-5. Someone’s tragedy for our entertainment, the ultimate Schadenfreude.

Celebs play for it and we read it but come on People dot com: really? What happened to the ‘Don’t do Drugs Kids?’  Is it necessary to create a vote on who has the Hottest Mug shot?

by, venturing into a whole new world of wrong.

That in itself is a crime!

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