Snippets on the Tube

Both from some Scandinavian country they talked animatedly – both late twenties, early thirties. A couple. Suddenly out of nowhere he kissed her on the cheek, and even those who didn’t understand a word they were saying could see that he just couldn’t help himself. She glowed and looked about 15.

The little boy sat in his vest and his shorts, red cheeks from the heat in the carriage. His mother probably Chinese, her boyfriend was white and sat opposite. They were all German. She was very much involved with the beautiful boy, the boyfriend tried to impress her by interacting with the child. The boy wasn’t having it, the blown kiss was never picked up and he claimed his mother to himself by asking her questions and distracting her from any conversation with the man.

The wedding ring stood in stark contrast with the skater jeans, hoodie and trainers. Still when he walked out, he placed his left hand on the small of her back and helped her out of the packed carriage.

Meanwhile the goth group in the corner waited until the elderly couple stood up and left the carriage before taking the seats.

An Argentinian guy walked past on the escalator, breathing out a long sigh, smiled and said: Finally out!

He turned around on the second escalator and smiled again.

Outside of the station he turned around for the third time and an hour later he got us a second round.

Roll on the weekend!

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