10 more reasons why I love my sister

1. When I freak – she doesn’t.

2. She has managed to cook me dinner for the last two weeks – the only reason I survived acclimatising to new job. Prawn pasta with fresh basil and tomatoes is a favorite.

3. She doesn’t drink alcohol normally and doesn’t succumb to anyone’s pressure – that is cool.

4. Outside relationships, she is the only one who I can happily sleep in one bed with for over a month.

5. Her deadpan delivery. As our male company was describing the taste of Amstel, she helpfully chips in: ‘Like sex on a canoe?’ – cue man choking on his drink. She takes a sip from her Diet coke and shrugs: ‘What? Dangerously close to water.’

6. Unflappability. She got chatted up by the till-lady at the local supermarket. ( And we’re not talking a funny look, literally “Hey you’re pretty, I’m done with my shift in a bit lalala etc.” ) She just smiles, hands over her card and replies: “Thanks. No cash back.”

7. We managed to end up in the same pub as a guy who has been weirding me out on my way to work. So she squeezes herself  in between him and me on our way out, with impeccable timing – his attempt to a ‘Hi, how are you?’ never reached me. Wing-woman number one.

8. She can also hum the theme-tune of The A-team. ( and is also a member of the shirtless Bradley Cooper -fanclub. Obviously.)

9. She too can eat. A lot ( ” Quick! Eat! Before your brain registers you’re full…”)

10. Despite the 25 year age gap, and the fact that he has no nose and no other attractive bodily features in the HP

Phone jokes on a post card please.

franchise, she still insists on marrying Ralph Fiennes. That’s real love. ( Oh and that is pronounced Rafe, Dad. In case you want to practise your speech.)

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