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Back in 1984, The A-team was in its heyday. After I was born (late ’84) I quickly developed into an unfortunate chunky baby with a mohawk, so despite the gender issue,  the nickname BA Baracus was soon linked to my 6 month old existence. (To answer your burning questions: yes there is pictorial evidence and no these won’t be posted.)

The serie was repeated throughout the early nineties when me and my sister  watched it. (Although I think we had to alternate between The A-team and the same but solo MacGyver.) The serie was fun  and camp and utter ridiculous:  with a paperclip, a packet of gum and a screwdriver the Army -vets always created some kind of vehicle that resembled a tank, to save grannies from the Mafia that threatened the residential homes. Or kids in nurseries, or small town local businesses that fought the monopolies. I think in the later series they tried to give it a little more meaning, with Face trying to find his family ( he was raised an orphan- and yes don’t ask me how I know this,  just get me on your pub-quiz team.) and the man from U.N.C.L.E becoming their secret agent boss. It got even more ridiculous when a special effect guy Frankie joined the team. I think at that point Eighties emancipation might have kicked in and the girls were done with being the reporters to give them some kind of function when in fact they were just the eye candy and did not get involved in the action.

Ah but so not the 2010 film release, Jessica Biel might be the only lady and thus perhaps the modern pretty face but she is part of the force and can fend for herself. Plus Bradley Cooper might beat her to that title of pretty face, yes for the nostalgic A- team lovers and members of the shirtless Bradley Cooper fanclub this film was amazing.  Even for Liam Neeson fans this film is good – the first scene where he meets aforementioned BA is great.  Tanks falling out the air, things being blown up, to quote: Overkill is underrated. They are unapologetically over the top, not just fireworks everywhere: there is one airport scene which has a classic dressing up in disguise scene. Bad disguise. Still kind of believable and hilarious. Bradley walks around without shirt about 90% of the film(yay!), at one point with his hair wrapped in a towel, ready to go into a tanning booth.

After years in the making the A-team film has become a project that is able to laugh at itself, and still keep enough story and action going to prevent it crumbling into a silly giggle-fest. It looks like it was made with enjoyment and it is just simply entertaining. Don’t expect this film to change the world, but let us pity the fool who will hold that against it.

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