Somewhere on this world-wide web is a site called: My50. No sordid affair, just an opportunity to write down things you want to achieve in life; 50 things in fact. These things are called goals and you can even give them a deadline (but since it is what you want to do in your life, you might want to be careful with that…What if you reach all your deadlines, then you’re screwed!)

The site itself is obviously meant to be inspirational. (Hello Oprah!) It gives you suggestions and ideas, just in case you really have no clue what you want to do with your life. The ideas range from Visiting Paris (I have this feeling it might be an American site.) to  Pass on a nugget of knowledge ( definitely American site…) t0 Get tipsy with Good company.  The latter being something I have already completed. Tick!

Ah yes as every list- lover knows: the satisfaction is in the ticking off boxes! In this instance, it not only gives you a sense of achievement: it also hands you a sense of perspective. If you browse through the site there will be no doubt things you have not done yet, but also things you have done and which you might not have thought of as an achievement: wine tasting, going away with friends, a holiday in Spain. Obviously age and experience influence the list, my personal favourite was coming across a 16-year-old girl’s page which listed:

 kiss on the beach,

kiss in the snow,

kiss underneath fireworks, as well as

photocopy my ass…

 The one thing that struck me reading all the suggestions and ideas was: it is all achievable. (All you have to do is hop on the photocopier!) Even the things that seem unattainable in the moment or on a short-term, seem more  feasible when you see them from a ‘ In my life-time’ perspective.

When you set yourself a goal, who knows (or cares) how long it takes before your reach it; the one thing that is certain though is that it will take even longer if you don’t make a start.

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