Moment of Truth

Today I got the email to confirm my participation in the (4×5)+1 K.

It felt a bit like the moment of truth…

In the last 3 weeks, the interval training that I have been doing is more 1 week running, 2 weeks not than the recommended daily hikes. The fact that the new job keeps me so busy that I find myself postponing toilet-breaks just to get everything done, doesn’t help either. So after ten hours, you come home and from the three Rs, reading, running and erh writing; running is the least popular in my head.

Still. That e-mail. I had a look at the registration form, you have to tick your ETA ( under an hour – who are you Usain Bolt?, to over 2.5 hours.) and just as I was reading the small print  stating you have to be honest because you will be put in the right running-group, I managed to accidentally close the window.

Accidentally you say…hmm subconscious speaking?

Would I step out like some, bow out gracefully but alive, instead of trying to kill myself over a couple of hours running, there is nothing to prove to anyone right?

Oh yes you are right. But what is the fun in that?

A little too much pride and a little too much madness prevents me from doing this. However my heart made a compromise. So tomorrow when I have stopped seeing double through fatigue, I will sign up properly and tick the Over 2.5 hours box. Pressure off. A little insanity does not make you necessarily suicidal.

All this tomorrow – there is another day. For now: Good night. x

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