Ten Happy Things

1. Home made chicken sweetcorn soup.

2. Indulging in the guilty pleasure of new magazine, rather than book.

3. Holding back on the carbs with dinner, only to eat M&S rocky road cookies after. (I’ll have a half….and the other half…)

4. The smell of just opened lilies.

5. A 45 min phone conversation with a friend. On your mobile. International. And not caring, because for everything else there is…

6.Drinking tea from a hand-made cup and thinking about your friends who gave said cup to you when you visited them in Scotland.

7. Planning a holiday. Even if only in your head.

8. Thinking about the future. Even if not that realistic, though you would make a great empress of the world. Obviously.

9. Looking forward to Sunday lunch with ol’ uni friend, her husband…and their baby on the way!

10. Tomorrow is Friday:  whatever happens, that is always a good start.

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