The Elevator

For a lady who doesn’t really watch tv, I have managed to pick up on some programmes. Yesterday it was Friends, today it was/ is You’ve Got Mail and Good Will Hunting. OK and yes thank you, I am aware that the latter aren’t even programmes: they are films.

I only ever see flashes anyway, I don’t seem have the patience to sit through something when I think I can do something else.Like running, or writing, or sleeping. All three very popular things in my life at the moment.

Still I like the flashes that I catch:

The moment that Tom Hanks gets stuck in the lift and when the people he’s with start playing the ‘If I ever get out of here I will…’ and he has a realisation that changes his life.


The scene where Robin Williams describes the game at which he met his wife. They describe the legendary game only to find out that he gave up his ticket to go for a drink with his future wife.


The scene where Robin asks Matt: What are you passionate about? What do you want to do?

Robin Williams, a young Matt Damon, Ben Affleck when he was still cool and Minnie Driver being English.

Two friends, one ambition. One script, two Oscars.


I guess now it is just waiting for the doors to open again.

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