Half Way Wall

This afternoon I ran 10K for the second time in two weeks and with 48 days to go (or so the events website says) I feel comfortable to say that I am half-way there. Though technically it is: 21.0975 km, so I have another 500m to go to be on a quarter marathon. I appreciate that by the time I run, I really need to run the full length and not just go : ” Aw, another 1km, well never mind – I was nearly there anyway…”

On top of that the 10K or any halfway point is notorious for being the time you hit the wall. You’ve already run that far and now you need to run it again: Man! Who thought of this?!  Actually my main worry is that I get bored. Yes that is right: bored. I am no longer afraid of dying during this project but of dying of boredom. After weeks of training, running is still not fun for me. Perhaps because I still need to take this  show on the road, I know that running outside is different from running inside –  but I wanted to get myself up to a certain level first before making a public spectacle of myself.

When I know I am nearly there, I get restless and just want to get to the finish line (or so to speak, on a treadmill you don’t actually go very far.) Still I know I have to keep running the same pace if I ever want to get there and not die indirectly of arrogance and impatience.  So then boredom sets in until I reach my goal that is: then there is satisfaction and then tiredness.

Nope I can’t see myself sticking to this running malarkey and I am apparently not the only one. As I asked  my sister today: “Pff only halfway, can you imagine how I’ll feel when I double this?” She said: “Well you’ll feel even more tired and then you’ll feel like you can do it all over again. And then you think: No actually I can’t. Hopefully before you have started running again. Teacake?”

Erhm thanks sis, I’ll try to remember that!

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