The Quote of Paul

People Magazine reports the divorce of Elin and Tiger Woods on their website. Like the day Sandra stepped out of the shadows, it is a sad day. Still, like the day Sandra stepped out: Well done Elin for not letting walk over yourself. Not with an infidelity of that scale, not with public hurt of that size.

When the truth about Tiger came out, it seemed it was the beginning of many a celebrity couple unravelling. What happened? From tattooed biker Jesse James to seemingly squeaky clean Ronan Keating, all of them confessed, repented, lamented and hoped to save the relationship or even family, they had forgotten about for a night or a month or two in repetition.  Sura has the theory that any man who is adored by hundreds of women will cheat (unless he is gay and I guess even then enough flattery might  turn someone homoflexible for a night.) She is convinced that any heterosexual man exposed to so many temptations will cave and will cheat.

So perhaps it is only natural: why shouldn’t he? Monogamy is a social concept surely, created to keep those pesky STIs at bay and to keep debauchery and alimony cases to a minimum.  Sting sang it: If you need somebody, call my name
If you want someone, you can do the same. If you want to keep something precious. You got to lock it up and throw away the key. If you want to hold onto your possession. Don’t even think about me.

So is it only natural? If it is, shouldn’t all humans be created the same: why does it always seem to be the guy who cheats? Cynics might say because the woman is looking after the children or perhaps woman are just better at cheating? Are the repercussions the same if a woman gets caught? Vanessa P got called names one couldn’t find in the Bible (ok maybe under Mary Magdalene) when she allegedly slept with John T. She wasn’t even married at the time, he was. The fact that he was her ex’s friend made her a bad person. Once again, may I point out that she was going through a divorce, he was married – is still married. It was a rumour, nothing was proven just a smoldering gun so to speak.

It makes me wonder, with all these options these days, all the choices and temptations : why on earth would you want to choose for just one person? Why would you take the risk and commit yourself to this one person, the only person who you will sleep with for the rest of your life (and believe me  in that context and as a twentysomething that  still feels like a Long Time), who you would build your life with and whose opinion you have to take into account when choosing the bedroom wallpaper and  livingroom sofas? Why?

Personally I wouldn’t know.

Still here is a nice example, even though at 33 he was already one marriage down –  the late, gorgeous and surely exposed to enough temptations Paul Newman tied the knot again with Joanne Woodward. It lasted 50 years and it seems that staying faithful  is simply a choice, as Paul once nicely worded: Why fool around with hamburger when you have steak at home?

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