Ten things that I fear

Rodents... they are evil

1. Rodents. I even have trouble holding someone’s hamster, for some reason I think that it will die right there, even though I am not squeezing the thing. 

2. Dead Rodents.

3. Running in public. This is going to be an issue when I start training outside. Tomorrow.

4. Men whose opening sentence is: Are you Thai?  Mostly because I fear point five:

5. My own temper and the day that I cannot control  it. (Inevitably set off by point four.)

6. Big knives.  Small slip up, huge bloodbath.

7. Evil spirits, I am ok with the good ones.

8. Long spiral staircases, especially descending them. Something I rarely think about when I climb them.  Yes, spot the mistake.

9. The day that I mistake a freelance project for saving the world from Armageddon. I mean: Come on, that should not be done on a freelance basis anyway.

10.The morning that the overcast skies stay.

One thought on “Ten things that I fear

  1. > 2. Dead rodents

    We get one of those every 1-2 weeks from our cat. Just disposed of one this morning. Something to consider when thinking about getting a non-rodent pet. 😉

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