Ahhh the taste of home made… yoghurt?!

Tonight I have come across possibly the most useless gadget yet:

The Yoghurt maker.

That is right, not even the ice cream maker that was popular in the early 90s (which was pretty useless, you used it once and then stored it) nope, a yoghurt maker. 

The product is described as:

People have been making yoghurt for over 4500 years and the Severin S3516 lets you produce this nutritious food in the comfort of you own home. The S3516 features a memory dial, transparent lid, on/off switch with pilot light and includes 7x glass 150ml capacity jars.
Hmmm doesn’t really clarify usage as yet or make it appealing to buy… pilot lights memory dial what do you do with it? I remember some relative who gave us a yoghurt jar, a jar with some bio culture to which you should add milk that would turn into yoghurt.  Surely you cannot just put liquid in the 7 glass jars, switch on the pilot light and have yoghurt at the end of the ride?
After a little google, i found EasiYo that requires you to mix a sachet of biocultures  with cold water, which you then set aside in boiling water, leave for 8 hours: Hey presto yoghurt!  On the same website also a few live yoghurt packages that one should add to milk or water.
See, the part where I’d trip us is the 8 hours: I would wake up in the morning realise we don’t have any yoghurt, pop some milk in the yoghurt maker and expect breakfast within 15 minutes- and that is pushing it.  Yesterday I started a Nigella recipe at 7.30pm, realising half-way through the recipe that it stated: Let it simmer for two hours… Ah. Good thing I didn’t mean to eat it that night then…
I can see the appeal of fresh-baked bread and cakes, boast-level of home smoked fish or home cured ham, the pleasure of fresh pasta or vegetables from your own garden, but imagine entertaining your dinner party and whipping out your home-made yoghurt. Taaadaaaa!
Just imagine the impressed faces. Just imagine.

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