Fortune teller

Bank holiday Monday. What is a girl to do? Go to Greenwich and have you fortune told…

Ok, maybe not the most obvious choice but at least it didn’t involve any drinking ( had a super early start this morning.)  or any moving (I did a 15K run -yay! But am two days after still aching.)

My sister and I went to have a coffee and got discussing zodiac signs and what the rest of this year will bring. This year being the year of the tiger and next year being the year of the rabbit. As you can imagine baby bunnies have a different temperament to tigers.

So we got to the topic of having your (tarot) cards read, which I knew you could do on Greenwich Market… Ten minutes later we were with Hanora behind her pink curtain, slightly giggly also because for the first minutes she was so concentrated on typing in an address on her mobile that there was a very uncomfortable silence.

Turns out that she doesn’t just read your cards, she analyzes your zodiac sign and does some palm reading. Pretty thorough on the ol’ fortune telling, though my sister quipped afterwards: ” Can you imagine if your cards, your sign and your palm tell you won’t be doing anything useful for the next 12 years, after which you will contract a horrendous but non-deadly disease and you will get hit by a typhoon when you next  fly out of the country.  That will have cost you a tenner and you have permanent marker on your hand.”

Luckily enough no such misfortune for me, and though I will not disclose all she said – she seemed pretty certain of one thing. In fact: she wrote it down on a Post-It and dated it.

(Aug 2010) By the end of next year you will know what you want to do and you will do it.

18 months (or 16 really) that is not forever. (Though she did cover herself by saying – “you might make mistakes in between then and now!” – but it gave me hope anyway. You have to admit it is much better than 12 years of nothing!) Apparently by the end of next year  things will calm down and things will settle  –  and there is a big chance I will settle.

Let’s take in that last sentence. Settle. Moi, who has made it an Olympic sport to move house every 12 months… I think that is funny but I am definitely curious what will happen now. Pinch of salt granted – still I,  yes had a hand full of permanent marker but also a smile on my face.

We walked away and bought some marshmallows to satisfy my sister’s sudden craving. Munching away, we discussed all that was said.  ” Perhaps you should make sure you are somewhere nice around the end of next year. Like the Seychelles or something.”  Then she paused to find another marshmallow and grinned: ” Just make sure you don’t have to make an emergency stop in Zimbabwe.”

5 thoughts on “Fortune teller

  1. Hi!

    Just a note, as a professional psychic myself-

    It’s important to know that a decent reading is going to tell you what will happen if you keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them. Because you have Free Will, you always have the option to change the direction of your life, which will change your future.

    So you’re not stuck at any point….

    If you do this, a new reading will indicate the new future. For palmistry, this means that your hand changes.

    Just thought you might like to know this.

    author of
    the soon to be published “Adventures in Palmistry”

    1. Thank you Catherine! Actually I am not disappointed in what was said and had hoped that there would be a positive outcome to the all the changes that are happening in my life.

      I do appreciate your message though – I was worried about what my palm would say ( it being attached to my body made it seem hard to get away from.), but I am glad that Free Will will still over rule.

      1. You’re welcome!

        I did get the impression that you found some happy in what was read.

        Just wanted to let you know how it works overall. I find readings are far more useful to folks when they know that they indicate the road ahead if you keep on doing what you’re doing, but that you always have the option to see the exit ramp and get the heck off!…

        I think of myself as the traffic guy on the road of life.


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