Pssst…. watch this space.

As I am waiting for some stuff to arrive at the office, I might as well take the opportunity to update a little on this blog: silver linings and all that jazz.

A lot of interesting  little developments are happening in my life and I think there are a fair few changes coming soon ( No mother, I am not pregnant.)  but jinxing things etc etc so we will need to wait until I can write about it. It really isn’t that exciting for the outside world – just for me.  But what is a blog, if not self indulgent?

Well one thing I can reveal is that I am aiming to be less PC and more Mac in the very near future – hoping to get myself up and running again.  I literally need to keep running – only 5K to go until I reach the half marathon. My parents are coming over next week – no doubt providing me with lots of inspiration.. and

Oooh phone rang – delivery is here! God I miss writing. Be back soon.x

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