A sneaky peak…

It seems surreal: I am typing this in the living room of my flat whilst both my sister and my parents are watching the tiny tv that we own. My parents have come over for a couple of nights to bring my sister’s stuff up from the land of the Dutch.

That is right, they drove up. They have now embraced the TomTom and even dared the congestion zone after having kittens about trying to avoid it. Why avoid it you ask? Well as the £8 really didn’t matter after such a long drive, it was more a panic about not knowing how to pay for it. Turns out they never had to cross it in the end. Panic over.

Last night they took us out for a lovely dinner, though we had a little incident at the end where my Dad forgot to press Enter to confirm the amount and started typing in his PIN, almost paying over a £1000 for the meal – Oops.

We had a lot to celebrate: my sister’s new flat, my flatmate’s new flat…

Yes this is one of the things that was on the cards: my darlin’ flatmate has bought a lovely one-bedroom flat East and unless we want to take our friendship to a whole new level, it is time to go our separate ways.

Take into consideration that the project I am working on will end in two weeks, I might well find myself jobless and homeless soon. * insert dramatic gasp*  Funnily enough I have never felt more ok with this idea. (Though B, when I come to visit you in Scotland next month you might have found yourself a live-in nanny until your eldest son is old enough to legally marry me. Though by that time I will be the decrepit age of 34… anyway guess that offer of an open return was a mistake!)

Really, it is not as dramatic as it sounds as I will move in with my flatmate for a couple of weeks, which is a win-win situation as it will settle her in living on her own in a new home and gives me a little more time to… well I don’t know to what?

To think, worry, procrastinate? This whole blog is written with an underlying ” What to do with my life” perspective – so perhaps, just perhaps now it is time to be brave and to make a couple of  decisions.

So watch this space, the next few weeks will be interesting and there is nothing like a minor crisis to stir things up a bit!

To be continued….

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