Psst Secret!

One year when we were little – and I mean really little, I went to kindergarten and my sister not even yet, it was my mums birthday.

After the excitement of bringing her breakfast in bed (no doubt cold tea, orange juice with sugar decoration around the glass,  burnt toast with jam and a very special colourful birthday napkin) and self made presents, we got ready for school.

Mum tried to explain that she would like us to keep her birthday quiet and not tell everyone.  But why? we asked. Why do you not want to shout the best day in your life of the rooftops? Well… she decided that if she would tell people they would want her to throw a party and she didn’t feel like doing that. (My mother hates being the middle of attention, but that is a difficult concept for any child.) So ok, agreed? Let’s not say anything. Ok we agreed.

We opened the front door to start the walk to school, when my sister who was really little at the time spotted our neighbour. The neighbour waved, so my sister toddled over and shouted:


Happy birthday mother! Wishing you many happy years to come x

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