She is back!

Excited doesn’t even start to describe it!

I admit that being excited about  my current status of being unemployed would not necessarily be the most obvious choice of description in the first place; yet as the weeks passed during my last project  (firstly slowly, then rapidly and soon we were counting down days) I felt no inclination to put my CV out there.  I could tell you that this  happened because the nature of the project was so all consuming… but this would obviously be nonsense.  If I had to pay a mortgage, feed four small children and a golden retriever (Feed the children the golden retriever or feed the golden…I digress) I would have been looking for the next job from day one.  Probably whilst doing nightshifts somewhere too. 

Point being: I don’t find myself in that position. In fact: not only do I not have a mortgage to pay, soon I will be moving out of my flat and I have not started to looking for another room just yet.  So by choice I now find myself in the joyous position of being unemployed and about to be homeless.  The latter added for dramatic effect as I will stay with my flatmate for a while, have found lots of friends with sofas and there is always Plan Z that would involve my parents.

Being lucky enough to have a safety- net when I find myself with no strings attached makes all the difference: it turns  the fear of no job and no home into the perfect opportunity for a little soulvacation.

Now, somehow I did manage to make plans for that… It will be mostly running, eating and writing but also include a roadtrip to bonny Scotland and a week in  Los Angeles. I have no plans, no agenda; I just know that  there are certain dates that I need to be a certain place (and only because I want to.) In the strangest of circumstances, I feel I’m finally back behind the wheel and excited doesn’t even start to describe it!

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