Remember that as a child you wanted to have braces or walk on crutches? Perhaps have your arm in a cast and the cast would be signed by your friends and all the teachers and you couldn’t do PE. 

Ok, maybe you had braces and it wasn’t so cool.  They are apparently pretty hard to eat with. They say plaster itches after a while and I have heard stories of broken pencils getting stuck into the cast after trying too hard to scratch. I only *touch wood* once had to walk on crutches and it wasn’t that exciting, quite the opposite as you just go really slow. The injury also meant that my foot would grow on an angle from my leg; if I point both feet forward and bend my knees, my right knee will point left a little.  I’ll give you time to work that one out.

Ready? Let’s  proceed.

One of the other things I wanted as a child were sports drinks. I used to play tennis and even though I was incredibly crap at it (it is the hand/ eye/ ball coordination – and no, it didn’t get better with age…) for some reason I thought I should really drink what was known as AA-drink. Maybe I hoped it would make me better… alas. In hindsight it seemed a little much for just an afternoon or even just an hour of playing around at a not very high level. Still the sports drinks were all the rage, as was Lipton Ice-Tea for some reason.

Now I am running and actually putting some pressure on my body, I can honestly say I hate sports drinks. They are horrid. Sickly sweet and not exactly thirst quenching but possibly perhaps giving you the nutrients that water cannot give you to sustain longer distance running. I hate them. A well-known brand has decided to sponsor Sunday’s event and thus (very clever marketing) I have been trying their drinks because I had this feeling I might not like them.  Which seems strange but imagine trying something for the first time on the day itself, spitting it out in disgust and realising you still have 20K to go? Exactly. Not ideal.

Still apparently a necessary evil, as it refuels your body while keeping you hydrated. In the same light of fuel and refuel I have started to carb-up as well – as my flatmate said: at this stage in the game, you might as well.  Though it is an interesting experience to be able to eat a full plate of noodles and still feel like it just about filled a gap, being so conscious of your carb intake or eating gets really boring too. (Then again yes, eating is the fun part and the only reason why I am considering keeping some running up: to be able to eat. A lot.)  Yet blessed with a fast metabolism, this time it might come and bite me in the arse as I will burn energy even faster and we all know who gets grumpy when she is hungry.

So ye be warned when I finish on Sunday: don’t even try to talk to me until my friends and sister have thrown food at me (from a distance), wait for the look of death to fade, then do feel free to approach me and suggest we go for the drink I have been craving for days. Purely medicinal, of course.

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