The Dentist 1

NHS dentists: they are gold-dust in London. So when my flat mate gave me the number for the  Mobile Dental unit I jumped on it. Well, I left it 3 months until I ‘could find time’  to have someone look at what blatantly is a cavity.

Apparently it is a walk-in, but there was also a number to make appointments so I thought it best to give them a call first…

” Hi, I would like to make a dentist appointment please, today if at all possible”

” What?  Wednesday?”

” Yes, today please if possible.”

” The dentist isn’t here right now, but if you leave your number I can ask her to call you back?”  Hmm interesting, I guess the cuts means that she might not have an assistant, so I leave my number.

” Oh she might not be able to see you today and she will be on honeymoon for the next couple of weeks but maybe John can see you Thursday or Friday?”

” As in tomorrow or the day after?”


” That would be great.” thinking that she does have the diary for John but nooo : ” So someone will call you back ok?”

An hour later and no phone call, I decide to give this number another go.

“Hi I would like to make a dentist appointment. I called before?”

“Oh did you call here? We don’t have the diary here, it is actually on location. Hang on let me give you a mobile number.” Eh? Mobile dental unit yes, but mobile numbers to make appointments? Hmmm….I decide to call the number and to my non-surprise it is switched off. I leave a message but after another hour decide to just bring Mohammed to the mountain.

A DLR trip later I approach the dental unit. The door is closed with ” Treatment happening, please wait” above which (surprise surprise) Another Number to make an appointment. Outside the unit I dial the number, someone picks up and the earliest they can fit me in is on Friday at 11am – so much for walk-in. Still I take it, only to realise when I hang up that I have a gasman coming around somewhere during  the vague slot of 12-3pm.  Great, well let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.

I take a last look at the unit,  turn around and go home. It is a good thing I have nothing else to do with my day.

To be continued.

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