The Dentist 2

I missed a phone call today since I was out and about, but they left me a very helpful message.

” Its X from the dentistry office to confirm your appointment tomorrow. Please can you bring your cheque book or pay £xx.xx per postal order. Any questions please call this number.”

Cheque-book? Postal order? Is this 1984?

So called the number and yes it is apparently indeed 1984. ” Excuse me, did you leave a message to pay by cheque or postal order?” “Yes that is right, you can just got to your local postoffice…” Lord have mercy.

Now I wonder, assuming that this is a fee for the consultation not yet the treatment: how do they make sure you are going to pay for the treatment if you they ask you to pay £xx.xx beforehand by postal order? Or do you then need to make another appointment and queue at the postoffice again?

Hmmm. I sure hope they have electricity in that van…

To be continued.

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