Bring on tomorrow

If anyone had told me last year that I would be one night away of running a (4×5)+1 aka the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon I would have declared you mad. Apparently this is happening though and as I am writing this the pasta is boiling. (I tell you the variations on spag bol / spag pesto will never be the same again after this week  )

I stuck the number on my shirt with the emergency numbers on the back ( If anyone sees my darling sister, can you remind her to sometimes you know…. check her phone.), the timing chip is attached to my shoe and I think I am ready.

Thank you all for your well wishes by the book of face, text and email! I’m really excited and it feels a bit like my birthday, be it with a masochistic twist.

Tomorrow morning 9.30 it starts, I will be with Group Maroon, the slow-coaches,  but I’m pretty determined to make it over that finish line.  Hopefully even in time for lunch! x

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