15 things I learned since I last wrote

1. Don’t run on an injury, even when you pretend you don’t have one – running 13 miles on an iffy foot is going to bite you in the arse. One week later I am still hobbling.

2. The distance London-Glasgow can be done by car in 6 hours and a 30 min lunch break, even with two children in the back.

3. There are only three steps to heaven: two scoops of ice cream, two choices of topping and a choice of sauce. It’s that age kept me from jumping up and down like my fellow  seven-year old sugar-lover but my vanilla-tablet ice cream with marshmallow and smarties and raspberry sauce got me very (very) excited.

3b. Some commercials at the cinema during a U-film are just unnecessary: no seven-year old wants to have a toned bum Mr Reebok.

4. Being nine going on ten is hard. For you. And for anyone else in your near proximity.

5. Cocktails are much cheaper outside London. Luckily so are taxis.

6. I cannot have a baby because I do not have a boyfriend. ( Sorry mother, but a nine-year old told me so.)

Josh Duhamel photographed by Jerry Avenaim 2006
Image via Wikipedia

7. Scottish interpretation of petit fours  is two bits of shortbread, a chocolate chip cookie and a piece of tablet. It did not stop me from making an attempt to finishing them – the sugar won.

8.  In Life As We Know It, Josh Lucas is just not as hot as Josh Duhamel – which is a shame, like the fact they are American.

9. The US Dollar exchange rate is not what it has been.

10. Los Angeles is a very big place and there are a lot of hotels to choose from.

11. Apparently I am very indecisive.

12. A baby born in Finland can legally go unnamed for two months.

13. Wine at lunchtime with your (ex)colleagues is even better when you don’t have to return to the office.

14. I must have been temporarily deranged when I booked my train ticket to Brussels at 07:30. AM Ouch.

15. It is easy to not write for a week. Must do better!

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