What a difference a year makes…

A year ago, I wrote about how I had left my boyfriend 6 months before and how I tried to get my life back on the rails by pursuing my theatre dream. I described how I was dealing  with a serious soul-hangover after another rejection.

365 days later (well 366 days, I cheated a day for poetic licence) and I am in Antwerp with Sura who encouraged me to write every day a little bit. Keep trying until you stop or until you die, you just keep on going.

Quite different than dealing with a soul-hangover, I am actually on a soul-vacation: I have taken time out to think about what my next move should be. Tired of waking up on Ground Hog day and being stuck in the classic quarter life crisis, it was time to move on. It seemed that I needed to stand still to proceed to the next level (and collect 200 points).

This might seem airy-fairy but it is not meant like that, not having a plan is not some cosmic healing – I am constantly swayed between excitement and fear. The recession isn’t over yet and like you I do like to eat, but I had to look at the facts: I kept going and going to pay the rent and I wasn’t happy. Keep on going only works if you are pursuing the thing that you want. Why else pursue it?

 Happiness is not complicated; on the contrary it is quite simple, inspiring and very easy to recognise when you are there. On year on and I’m happy: I am in the middle of something even though I am not moving and suddenly good things seem to be able to find me.

Happiness is not just for the fortunate, but it sure makes you feel fortunate.

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