The perfect bag

Hermes Birkin Purse.
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The perfect bag, and I am not taking about handbags here ladies, I am talking weekend bag, suitcase or backpack.

For someone who likes to travel, the perfect bag is pretty essential. Ask any backpacker who had an ill-fitting bag. Or one that only opens at the top, that gets really boring after 4 weeks in the jungle. 

My bag had to fit three weeks of clothes for two climate. I am a pretty light packer, I have been known to go to Paris for the weekend with just a handbag ( a passport and a credit card), so the worry was not that the bag was big enough, but small enough. Whenever I pop home for a long weekend I only take hand luggage  and for some reason I also have a proper suitcase . ( I bought it in France after spending a month there to learn the language; the only words I could utter was ” Je cherche une valise eh, comme ça.” and point. Not my finest moment.)

Still I don’t really have something in between, so I borrowed an inbetweeny bag of my sister which I thought might be the right size. It was not, or it was but I had so little stuff in it, the content kept shifting down when I wheeled it around. ( I did have three pairs of shoes in it as well.)

This evening I tried to change everything over to a smaller bag that I could borrow from Sura’s mum. After an hour of selecting out-fits and rolling up shirts to save space it finally fitted perfectly. Happily I skipped back into the living room with my announcement where Sura’s sister looked at me from the sofa and asked: ” But what about shopping?”


Another hour later, the first layer of clothes is now more securely fastened in my sisters inbetweeny bag – no shifting, more space: LA bring it on!

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