Le Reve Theater at the Wynn (end of the show)
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So what did I say? Vegas.


Let me first state that the fauna loving New Zealander was supposed to be flora loving – a lot less exciting and I am very sorry to have to let you all down guys.

Still, Vegas.

It started with a five-hour road trip – again, GPS was a great investment – it was absolutely gorgeous. Sand, rocks and Joshua trees, blue skies; we were ready for the sun! So when the icy cold wind hit us in the face as we got out to fuel up, it was a bit of a surprise. Pictures to come where we bravely smile into the camera, freezing our legs off.

Vegas wont appear until three or four hours in, so there really is no need to expect it before that like we did. It did make every corner a little more exciting 🙂

Our hotel room was on the 56th floor of a tower. Amazing just starts to cover it, the view over Vegas, the Strip, the casinos.  Huge bed, sofa and jacuzzi style bath.We might have done a little happy dance in the mini suite but if we did, we would be too cool to admit it. Obviously.

We went for lunch by the Eiffel tower, then saw a show at the Wynn: Le Reve by Cirque du Soleil. (The concierge lady pronouncing in it with such an American accent, quatre-lingual Sura had to ask her to repeat it. ” It’s Le Reve, it means the Dream in French “) It was gorgeous. Air artists and water acrobats  and a set to match (Jelmer T, you would have loved it.)

We went for dinner in Venice, where Sura fell in love with the most expensive wine on earth. The two drops that cost her a tenner nearly made her cry with joy.

The club we signed up for, close to Cesar palace was busy and apparently the dirty cocktails (Dude it needs to be a mix, a cocktail not just straight alcohol with a splash of juice for colour!) set my freak’s invited sign off.  As we were dancing, I got approached by an overweight Mexican, a black dwarf and an old white man. All at once.

Sura meanwhile was fighting off a New Zealander who collected really rare plants. No Really.

Nice night though, bouncers even did customer service and were very kind in letting us escape through VIP areas.


Vegas, no debauchery as such – but if we did, we would be too cool to admit it.


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