The Dentist 4

Drawing explaining the C FACTOR.
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Going home seems to equate me going in for a MOT this year.  My right eye needs to be tweaked again on Thursday and this afternoon I went to my home dentist. (My scary NHS dentist was threatening me with a root canal for inconsistent dental pain, see previous blog.)

The appointment was at 10:50am.

I told him my back molar was sometimes aching and that I was worried that the corner that was chipped a couple of years ago had developed a cavity.

The dentist took two X-rays to see if there were some hidden cavities. Nothing to see.

Then he had a look into my mouth and said: “Ah there it is, the bit that we had covered the chipped corner with has come lose.”  With one move he took it out easily. It explained why the pain had been inconsistent: it would only hurt  if I bit on the covering a certain way – making it move.

He replaced it with a new bit of cover and I was out of the door by 11:10am.

Twenty minutes, simple solution to three months of annoyance and most importantly: no pain.

Root canal Dr Watson, my a*se.

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