Mixed up maths

Before I knew it, I had two second opinions.  We had just driven two hours to Rotterdam to get my right eye re-lasered

From Wikipedia - At least there is still a sense of humour

when the initial check-up (that is in fact: the second check-up, the first one was done two days ago) confirmed scar tissue on my eye.

This scar is the reason my sight is still not clear – the good news is it might just fix itself.  The bad news is that it might happen in six months. Or maybe a year. That for impatient people like me, really isn’t good enough. Especially because there is still a change it won’t fix itself and I will have to get lasered again anyway.

The second opinion doc saw my face  full of disappointment and came up with this great consolation: “We kind of expect this kind of scarring, the fact that your left eye has healed properly really is lucky; usually it takes awhile like your right eye. (Glad we’re not setting the standards high Doc!) We will just have to wait and let’s put it this way you are 90% there.”

What kind of maths is that? 90%  where? 90 % of an eye that’s still stuck on -2, even though that will  clear?! As I see it (forgive the pun) I have two eyes and only one is functioning properly, in my book that gets me 50% there. Lord almighty.

As you can see, patience it not my virtue – a lot can happen in 6 months, a year; let’s just hope that clearing of scar tissue is one of them.

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