Go wiz the flow (Holland in Hollywood)

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Today I read on a Dutch news website about a new  site for the Dutch who would like to make it in the American film industry.  (And interestingly enough, it also has information for the Americans trying to make it in eh’Holland’.)

The news site had an amusing interview (” The best advice I got was  [insert strong Dutch accent] Go Wiz the Flow.”) with director Paul Verhoeven who was still a little bitter about the reception of Showgirls -too much boob, too much nudity – according to him it took Blackbook to get him out of the dog house, but who also acknowledged his portfolio of work that he had already done in the Netherlands that helped him get work in the States.

Underneath his interview,  there was a short audio-clip with hopefuls who would love to go to the States and Make It there. Two boys were determined that they were the exception – they were going to be succesful. They obviously duly Mrs Reporter, understood that they would have to dedicate  years (5,7 maybe even 10!) to their cause… What can I say? Who am I to rain on their parade, that would just be bad karma. I wish them all the best and I hope they are as dedicated as focussed as they say they are. That many years of crappiness even with a goal in mind is hard, is still no party! Unless you make it a party obviously but then I’ve found, you have to take yourself a little less seriously! Go Wiz the Flow.

However, the moment that clinched it for me came a little further down in the interview, when the reporter interviewed a lady who had already gotten herself to the States. ” So how did you get there?”  I personally expected her  to say by plane, but she was a nice girl and answered: ” I just sold my house, packed my bags and went.”  The reporter seemed impressed and one of the boys pitched in optimistically: ” Oh well, so I have already done that before: I moved from Tilburg to Amsterdam.” That for the Dutch geography challenged, is the equivalent of someone moving from Brighton to London – it’s less than two hours by train and that is being generous too, for London is so much bigger than Amsterdam.

Bless him, I hope he gets his visa. (For the Dutch speakers, here is the link.)

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