Ten reasons why moving back home is Option Z.

1. I had to make apple-pie to keep myself busy.  Eating is as much entertainment you can get. I would be the size of a house. Be it a very small one. Still, a house.

2. Being with my parents still evokes the child in me. My mother who does my dishes, two seconds after I put my plate aside to just get another cup of coffee. You get the picture. Sweet, for about 24hrs.

3. My room has a single bed. Hope would sink further below sea-level.

4. Small town politics- part 1 ” Have you heard that such and such has moved out from the family home. He lives on the camping right now.” No Way!” “And you know that she has been seeing X” ” X? From the family by the church? I always say hello to him.” etc. I don’t know these people. I don’t care.

5. There is no one who can cut my hair.

6. The way people can look at you. To be more specific, to the lady on the bicycle this afternoon: Looking me up and down like that, pulling that face really was unbecoming. (Unless that just was the way  your face sits naturally, in which case I apologise and commiserate.) I was just wearing a dress, with tights and boots in October and if you judge me for it being short you obviously aint seen nothing yet!

7. Small town politics -part 2. If I am friends with the family of Baker A, can I still shop with Baker B? Computer says No.

8. I have no car, I will go nowhere. Car is crucial for sanity.

9. My friends here, god love them, have settled. They have houses, they have mortgages, they play board games. Nights out need to be planned, weeks if not months ahead.

10. Because  I’m lucky enough that I can try all the other options first,  knowing I can always come back home.

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