Baby baby,

Sleeping Beauty
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I’m writing this after trying to re arrange my 5 month old niece on my lap> in the time it took to type the last sentence, I am now standing, still typing with one hand. It is hard to interpret the grunts and groans, but it is soon clear if she is not happy.

Writing this paragraph I had to put her down (as in to sleep you sick people), her mum took over and I was left distracting a 3-yr old with a fever. Poor thing just wanted her mum and I am by my own admittance a poor substitute. Still soon, we discovered a hairband which we could use as a tiara for Snow-white and after admiring ourselves in the mirror  we quietly moved on to drawing and were baby sister and mum temporarily forgotten about.

We have discussions about who should cut out the picture, she is convinced I really want to do this for her. Me, mean aunt that I am, am convinced that I really don’t feel  like it, and that she is perfectly capable of doing it herself. We usually compromise by cutting things out together. (I hold the paper, she cuts two handedly because even the kiddie scissors are too big.)

 In a couple of hours, Snow-white will be Sleeping Beauty again and will probably end the day as Ariel. It is only confusing if you would like her to do something, like sit nicely at the table, or drink her juice. It takes a couple of goes to get the right name, though Disney has narrowed it down for us.

Man I love them and this is great and this is tiring. Yup, nothing like  a couple of children to make your womb shrink a little! x

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