Back to life…

… back to reality. As I am leaving for London-town, I realise that my six-week soul vacation is up.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely, it has made all the difference.

Can I see that now?

Not at all.

Wanted: One Big Hole with Duvet and Television (Image: anime-contemplation)

Fighting toddler bacteria, suppressed panic and general heavy heartness (which is just faux poetics for having a fat-day really)  returning to a city which feels a couple of sizes too big, having to deal with my real life: it seems just an unattractive choice right now.

Tomorrow, after a night sleep in my own bed, I’m sure everything will be better. Apparently for the first few days, I won’t even have the internet either to distract me thanks to crappy BT. Maybe it is a good thing, in any case I will let you know soon x

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