Daydream Believer

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 Ah the iPhone, what would we do without it…. Well we wouldn’t know how much people daydream. According to their research people spend half their day daydreaming. People (so not just me – see last post) are easily distracted and let their minds wander during all kinds of activities. (Even during sex,  but who on earth would pick up the phone?! )

They even tentatively try to link daydreaming to a state of happiness, claiming that people who weren’t into the now were more likely to be unhappy:

Reports of happiness were most likely among those exercising, having a conversation or making love, whereas unhappiness was reported most while people were resting, working, or using computers.

This is probably because the former activities would usually be more engaging (or so you hope…) and when you are engaged you are interested, thus not bored and you have no reason to express unhappiness. (Even in case of a discussion or disagreement, you could argue you are engaged and proving a point and that is not necessarily making you unhappy. Being ignored could make you unhappy.)

I think daydreaming is a great solution to combat boredom and unhappiness.  To dream about what could happen, can not only temporarily send you to a happy place but if you would care to take it further you might even realise your ideas. Silly option? Well, if after daydreaming you crash back to your real life that makes you tick the unhappy box; maybe it is time to work a little bit more towards the daydream. Unhappy happens but to actively choose it would just be stupid.

Impossible is nothing, so the news of Aung San Suu Kyi shows us. Imagine being locked up for decades, just for a dream. Still if dreams are so powerful that people who dare to indulge in it are locked up in case they topple a country – really you should have a little faith that your little daydream wanderings can transform your life.

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