On a day like today


I learned a new word, frape. If you go to urbandictionary.com you see that this is explained as:

A combination of the words ‘Facebook’ and ‘Rape’. The act of Raping someones Facebook profile when they leave it logged in. Profile pictures, sexuality and interests are commonly changed however fraping can include the poking or messaging of strangers from someone else’s Facebook account.

Perhaps a little strong expression for what is usually a bit of banter and it made me think of an iced coffee drink too… 

I also saw six strange things on my way to the supermarket:

1. A good-looking man in a wheelchair. Which shouldn’t be strange, but when for a split second I actually thought God you are hot, I immediately had a moral debate with myself whether it was wrong that I kind of was turned off by this disability. (I know, this is what too much time on my own does to me! Drives me as nuts as Alice in Wonderland.)

2. A shoe-shiner who looked like a hooligan. Surprisingly enough, he did not have a lot of customers.

3. A man in suit, singing to himself. Very quietly, but not quietly enough.

4.  Four schoolgirls crossing the road,  3 meters away from zebra crossing, holding hands and screaming anytime a car drove by.

5. Jude Law with lots of hair. Not in person, alas. He was pictured in the new Dior Homme ad, goes to show photo shop can do anything these days.

6. Found ‘ pouring yoghurt’ (in tetra pack) advertised as new in supermarket – even though that is the only way they sell yoghurt back home. (That is a blatant lie because we also have the plastic containers, but the tetra packs are definitely in the majority.)

After having added my wine to the casserole, the flat is starting to smell a little bit like Christmas. Mmmm! Happy Monday!

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