Easy peasy

It had all the potential for disaster. I was about to pay for my shopping when I realised that I missed one vital ingredient: the peas.

I decided to make home-made pea and mint soup in honour of my sister’s visit. I’m personally not that keen on soup but she is, so there we go. Jamie O made it look all so simple: stock, a few vegetables and peas.  You just need a pan that is big enough…

Nothing to do with soup, just cute - like me. (from halloweenmart.com)

As I was throwing in the last ingredients, I saw the stock level rising to dangerous heights.  Cr*p, not so domestic goddess. A second pan was soon found and  pouring in of stock and veg/peas started, hopefully a bit in proportion. It wasn’t of course, so I ended up with one sweet soup (lots of peas) and one salty soup (lots of stock) – Ah well, still tasty (just mix it up a bit! Be creative :)) and my sister was polite enough to tell me it tasted great.

Pea and mint soup, that is what my day’s achievement has come to, ( gotta love higher education kids!) though as I write, the smell of beef casserole fills the flat. I love winter, but damn I better get out of the flat soon before I just lock myself in by eating…

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