Gee whiz!

Am I really late to catch up on this new phenomenon: Gwyneth Paltrow singing?

After a stint on the Country Music Awards (yeah I know: country? Apparently it is all part of a movie that is coming out.) she has now also appeared in Glee as a substitute teacher who obviously can hit some notes.

What a difference decade makes… Yes of course she was a famous actress before (She was the one who got engaged to Brad before Jennifer) but I always kind of thought of her as a bit ‘alternative’ in the non-good way. She was mostly known for her macrobiotic diet, BFF with Madonna during her London-years,  and prided herself on a secretive marriage to a very lucky musician. All very well but she just came across as a bit boring. (That said, I would probably struggle to find anything in common anyone who has a penchant for diets, let alone combining that with a passion for yoga.)

 Now she is rockin’ a guitar and dancing around in a tv show being ok with looking a little foolish; suddenly she just look like she might be fun. Please enjoy this little YouTube clip, for the tv friendly version of Cee Lo Green’s F— You:

2 thoughts on “Gee whiz!

  1. LOL! For me, she made up for all that dieting by appearing in ‘Shallow Hal’. Besides, I’d rather have her put on a diet than me…

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