Zumba and other things

Let’s face it, working out can be healthy, rewarding and beneficial. Working out can be lots of things, but it’s never been known to be an exhilarating experience…UNTIL NOW!

Or so the Zumba website promotes itself. Zumba, I first heard of it when my friend B decided to skip the class to go drinking with me (Yes, apparently I am that kind of friend, for which I shall not apologise!)  and got reminded of it again this morning when someone else on the book of Face announced that she was skiving her Zumba-class.

What is Zumba, apart from exhilarating? It is a work-out devised around Latin dancing: an aerobics trainer forgot his music in the 90’s, put on the music he had (salsa and merengue) and did a work-out on that. Like the Post-It, the invention of Zumba was pretty much by coincidence.

From what I gather on the website, Zumba is Huge. Everybody is Zumba’ing and if you are not, you will be soon.  Amazing as it is, it reminds me of Tae-bo (remember that kids?!) that got even used in a one-hit wonder song  Drops of Jupiter. But then I would be cynical as frequent readers might know,  group exercise is not something I participate in.  I will be uncoordinated one in the back, going right when everyone is going left and the thought of some instructor yelling things at me, even if only to confirm ” How much fun we’re having and how exhilarating this all is!” let alone other motivational shout-outs, gives me visions of a bloodbath by my own hands.

Which  gives me a ghastly bridge to an article I read this morning which reported the finding of three bodies of missing persons that were found in a hollow tree. The only suspect was an unemployed tree-surgeon who had the daughter of one of the missing people bound and gagged in his basement. This is obviously bad and horrendous and the poor child will have major trauma. Still what I found interesting in the report was that the sheriff had gone to the missing lady’s home and knew something was up because ‘ there was an unusual amount of blood in their home.’  Which begs the question: How much blood does one usually keep in the home? You know just a splash or a pint in the fridge?

Again, poor girl  who lived and apart from interesting reporting let’s not make light of it.  As it is Friday and the above is just horrible, shall I end on a happier note – yes let’s I hear you cry.

So here, 5 happy things to get you through the day:

1. it is only 36 days until Christmas (will I buy my presents on time this year- probably not!)

2. somebody is fixing  the boiler in my flat  and though he cannot find the fault, he is really worried for my safety and comfort.

3. Anne Hathaway one of my favourite actresses is going to host the annual Nobel Prize concert on the 11th of December.

4. Dutch explorers have found two new grasshopper species on Socotra.


The things I will resort to to make you smile (By Toothpaste for Dinner)

Have a great weekend x

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