Magic of coffee

by -yes really

Some days it still doesn’t look good out there… but then you realise that you are  in fact inside, in a nice and heated flat.

Some days you realise that all the weight that you ran off in 3 months has slipped back on in two, whilst you devour that other piece of home-made millionaire shortbread: good, you will need the extra layer when the snow does fall.

Some days you find out that nothing is as simple as it seems and that next time you think of a good idea… you will still do it because you have tried simple and it bored you.

Some days you wonder how you ever will be able to write all that is now in your head down in a word document, but opening the programme would be a good start.

Some days you try to convince the world that you are the perfect asset to their writing team.  (And I am! You should see me write!)

Some days you look at the empty moving boxes and wonder whether you should just go home and forget about it all. Then you remember that you are home.

Some days you understand the look that the bank manager gives you when you tell her you are indeed a freelancer, which confirms how lucky you are to have the freedom to create.

Some days you just have to embrace the magic of a hot shower and a cuppa coffee to kick-start the day.

Some days you cannot be more grateful for all the chances you are getting, for being able to keep everything in perspective and for being sane.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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