It is official: World cup 2018 will be hosted in Russia.

Russia beat England, the Netherlands/Belgium and the favourites Spain/Portugal to it.

I do wonder how these things go, David Beckham this morning announced that Prince William had been up at 7.30am wining and dining or better having breakfast with the board. Hard at work. Sounds hard.

Funnily enough Russia won the bid of wooing and I cannot help to think they had a lot to woo with (Am I right Mr Abramovich?)

Now in preparation for 2018, perhaps we should stop moaning about the snow and acclimatise to what we can expect in 8 years because no doubt people will follow the football, snoods and all.

Well done all, thanks for playing.

PS: Should it all go wrong we can try again in 12 years… in Qatar who will sponsor the Third World by donating the stadiums they will build. Risky? Yes, but that is part of the beautiful game!

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