Perfection in 12 points

by qinglidesign

1. My lovely parents sending me a birthday card containing their individual messages. My father signs with ‘papa’ and my mother signs with her name: I love it.

2. Sura’s morning serenade on the phone despite her being ill.

the ever reliable toothpastefordinner

3. My sister comes back from lectures early. She brings with her cake and creatively packed tin of Vaseline lip balm. Because I wanted some the other day.

4. A matinée of Pinocchio puppetry show at the Roundhouse theatre. Brilliant!  Me and three reception-classes this only an issue when I want to nip to the toilet before the show. No can’t do: all half-naked four-year olds…. [ deleted inappropriate joke] I swear only an English child can be so engrossed in a play and still only react to the protagonist being eaten by a whale with a deadpanned ” Oh dear.”

5. Chilling out with a drink or two.

6. Gaucho. Steak and free drink, just pass that birthday card in plain sight kids!

7. Surprise present that will have to come all the way from the US possibly extending my birthday til January. Yay!

8. Tinseltown banoffee split. Heartburn is for losers.It comes with a health

9. A recorded birthday message from a seven-year old and a ten-year old boy, which made me laugh and cry at the same time. I’m intending to keep it and bribe them in six years time.

10. Ryan Reynolds is single again. Though the news of his divorce only came out today, they split up six months ago: surely I can bagsy him now? Oooooh maybe he’s my US-surprise… (Yes I know he’s from Canadia…)

11. It is monkey day. Who would have thunk: Link here.

12. All your birthday messages and well wishes through cards, over Facebook, phone and email. Thank you all very much for your well wishes. Life is sweet: I am an incredibly lucky ladybug.


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